KHS control systems

The KHS Master 2.1 Mini Control System is used to control and evaluate all connected actuators and sensors of the drinking water installations at a central point. The control system logs all events and operating data to evidence intended use. The monitoring of media temperatures, for example, in circulation systems ensures transparency in the drinking water installation. Water can be exchanged in order to maintain drinking water hygiene for cold drinking water (PWC) and hot drinking water (PWH) individually for each building type. The planned water exchanges are saved in a flush log which includes flow, media temperature and flush duration.

Up to 62 SLAVE Control Systems can be connected to the MASTER/SLAVE system via CAN bus. Hygiene Flush Boxes can also be integrated in the system. The control system can be operated via the internal display or the web interface. The building management system can also be connected to via the following protocols:

  • Modbus TCP/IP
  • BACnet IP
  • BACnet MS/TP

The connection allows access to data points that enable visualisation, evaluation and control of all flush valves and sensors connected via the MASTER/SLAVE system.

KHS Timer

The KHS timer, in conjunction with the KHS Flush Point (230V) for example, enables time-controlled water exchanges for maintaining drinking water hygiene. In addition to this function, areas of a drinking water installation, in combination with the KHS quarter turn stop valve featuring an actuator, can be shut off in a time-controlled manner. Faults are forwarded via a dry contact to the building management system (BMS).