TRESOR wall cabinets

Compact supply stations for water and electricity

Technically sophisticated and elegant in design: KEMPER TRESOR provides a convenient water and electricity supply simultaneously at a central location. The compact supply station for outside can be seamlessly integrated in brickwork or concrete walls and blends harmoniously into the architecture.

Supply guaranteed even at problematic points in private, public and business applications

KEMPER TRESOR is always the right choice TRESOR comes into its element anywhere where electricity and water supplies need to be protected against vandalism. Electricity and water theft are prevented while individual use remains protected. In order to ensure public safety, TRESOR also helps prevent electric shock in public and business areas, e.g. sports and leisure facilities.

It can also be integrated seamlessly in locking systems, as the security key lock can be retrofitted as needed. And, depending on structural conditions, TRESOR is available as a built-in or surface-mounted wall cabinet. The supply station provides various connection options, e.g. water and electricity connections for 230 V/400 V, which can be expanded on site to include, for example, gas, telephone, antenna or wastewater connections for private and commercial applications.

Thanks to its compact and robust construction, TRESOR can be used for a wide variety of applications:

  • In single-family dwellings
  • In swimming and open-air pools
  • On camping sites
  • At clubhouses
  • At shooting ranges
  • In schools and nurseries
  • In hospitals
  • In residential buildings of any kind
  • In leisure facilities and parks

The TRESOR benefits from the following advantages:

  • Attractive design thanks to high-quality stainless steel surface (1.4404)
  • Protection from frost damage thanks to integrated FROSTI® (frost-proof outdoor valve)
  • Integration into existing locking systems thanks to convertible security key lock
  • Increased safety thanks to optional residual current protection device