FK-5 break tank stations

Fluid category 5 safety valves

KEMPER FK-5 break tank stations protect drinking water from non-potable water up to and including fluid category 5. Due to the significant risk to human health caused by category 5 fluids, indirect separation from the drinking water system must be ensured. The FK-5 break tank station meets this requirement through an integrated free type “AB” drain. And it also has many functional highlights!

Benefit from the following advantages:

  • High-level performance: flow rate up to 7 m³/h (in combination with the FK-5 water supply set plus, Figure 369 01)
  • Promotes drinking water hygiene through programmable flushing cycles for the drinking water feed pipe
  • Integrated tank cleaning program
  • Controls operating time via weekly program
  • Controls an external dosing or submersible pump
  • Reading of consumption and operating data via USB port
  • Fault signal output to BMS

Definition of fluid category 5 based on DIN EN 1717

Fluid that presents a health hazard for human beings through the presence of microbial or viral pathogens of infectious diseases (contamination, danger to life).

Practical use examples:

  • Subsurface irrigation
  • Use in a microbiological laboratory
  • Cooling towers
  • Water for drinking troughs
  • Water playgrounds
  • Cleaning processes in the zoological sector

You can find more information on choosing the right safety valves in our guidebook.

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