KHP®15 (CuSn0.15)

Standard designation

EN CW117C/UNS C14415

Chemical composition
Cu Rest
Sn [%] 0.15

KHP®15 is a low-alloyed CuSn material. KHP®15 has high electrical conductivity and is harder than pure copper due to its tin content. Applications: Components for electronics and photovoltaics, lead frames, plug contacts, semiconductor elements

Physical properties¹
Density 8.9 g/cm³
Electrical conductivity 46 m/Ω·mm²
80% IACS²
Thermal conductivity 300 W/m·K
Thermal expansion coefficient 18·10 -6/K
E modulus 130 GPa
¹Approximate values in soft state, measured at ambient temperature
²IACS = International Annealed Copper Standard
Processing information
Weldability good
Solderability good
Stress crack corrosion none
Mechanical properties
Condition Tensile strength Rm [MPa] Yield strength Rp0.2 [MPa] Elongation
A50 [%]
R2500/H60 250-320 max. 200 min. 9 60-90
R300/H85 300-370 min. 250 min. 4 85-110
R360/H105 360-430 min. 300 min. 3 105-130
R420/H120 420-490 min. 350 min. 2 120-140

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KHP®15 (CuSn0.15)
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