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Digitalisation in no time!

The solution for wireless, digital hot water circulation systems

With MULTI-THERM PRO we are taking the success story of MULTI-THERM into the future. How are we doing it? By making the digitalisation of hot water circulation systems revolutionarily simple. Practically, permanently and extremely quickly, because with the new PRO wireless control module upgrade, even existing MULTI-THERM installations can be retrofitted in no time while in operation.

Fast and easy: The Upgrade to MULTI-THERM-PRO

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How digitalisation with MULTI-THERM PRO works

We have made the best-selling balancing valve in the drinking water sector even better: The new PRO wireless control module expands MULTI-THERM with a digital balancing bonnet to connect and balance hot water circulation via a central command level.

The MULTI-THERM PRO communicates wireless via “Low Power Wide Area Network”: LPWAN for short. Thanks to longer radio waves, this technology also penetrates walls and ceilings, thus ensuring a stable, secure connection in the whole building - from the roof right down to the lowest level.

The connection to the control level or cloud is established via a gateway. The wireless control module PRO generates the supply energy autonomously but using the difference between the ambient and media temperature (energy harvesting) - and thus manages without any batteries or connection to the power supply.

The result: With MULTI-THERM PRO, the wireless connection of hot water circulation systems in existing and new buildings is reliable, fast and economical.

Simple upgrade to Multi-Therm-Pro - View in installation | Kemper Group

That’s how easy it is to turn MULTI-THERM into MULTI-THERM PRO

The digital upgrade of existing MULTI-THERM balancing valves with the PRO wireless control module is possible with very little technical effort: Simply replace the existing thermostatic balancing bonnet with the wireless control module PRO and connect it to the gateway. Done.

  • No cables thanks to radio technology and energy harvesting
  • Retrofitting possible without interrupting operations
  • Only one-off activation of the preset settings
  • Upgrade possible in less than 60 seconds

Upgrade: in no time

How you benefit from MULTI-THERM PRO: Highlights.

Great flexibility

Monitoring and regulation of current temperatures are possible at any time and any place. Operating statuses and optimisation potentials can be visualised via the cloud at any time.

Thanks to LPWAN radio technology, integrated sensors and energy harvesting, you can monitor the temperatures without any complex wiring. That saves personnel and investment costs.

Retrofitting existing MULTI-THERM installations is possible during operation and without interrupting operations.

Visualising and logging operating statuses with 24/7 function control allows operators to comply with proof obligations easily and clearly. Independent function control with error pattern analysis ensures great reliability.

You benefit from great design reliability in the upgrade because previous calculation is no needed in most cases. Digitalising your existing system by simply changing the thermostat balancing bonnet is economical, fast and lasting.

Do you want to digitalise your hot water circulation system?

Whether in existing or new buildings – with MULTI-THERM PRO we digitalise your hot water circulation: together with you, permanently, and without cabling.

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