Pressure reducing valves and filters

Pressure reducing valve

Pressure reducing valves compensate for pressure fluctuations and pressure peaks in the public pipe network and provide for uniform pressure in the domestic water installation system. Pressure reducing valves may be integrated in the filter. With a pressure reducing valve, the pressure can be reduced, for example, in order to reduce water consumption or to preserve technical equipment and valves and to prevent malfunctions.

Filter and pressure reducing valve-filter combinations in accordance with DIN EN 13443-1 and DIN EN 1567

Filters can be combined with pressure reducing valves. The compact design makes installing filters and pressure reducing valves cost-effective and space-efficient. Unlike replaceable filters, the filter element of back-flushing filters, which normally has to be cleaned, does not need to be replaced. Here, the filter insert is cleaned by means of back-flushing. In the back-flushing process, the water first flows through the filter insert, as in normal operation, and the impurities are held back.