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KEMPER Hygiene System KHS

More values. One system. KEMPER KHS.

The holistic solution for efficient drinking water hygiene

Can we be satisfied with established solutions? No, we can't. And we don't want to either. Quite simply because a solution is only good enough for us when it’s even better. Especially where our health and the most precious resource in the world is concerned: drinking water. That’s why we made a virtue out of necessity – and developed a holistic solution in the form of the KHS KEMPER Hygiene System that hygienically and safely supplies drinking water in buildings’ pipework – while saving water, protecting the environment and reducing operating costs

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Hygienic drinking water supply: from the vision to the game changer

In the beginning, we had a vision: drinking water should be supplied in buildings hygienically, efficiently and in a resource-friendly way at all times. Without stagnation and the formation of germs. Without high operating and overall costs. Without unnecessarily wasting water. But with great crisis flexibility and design reliability.

Admittedly, it was a great challenge. Because we could not satisfy the demands we made of ourselves with a conventional series installation. So we worked very closely on a solution with scientists, operators and designers whose mandate was to turn established drinking water supply methods upside down. And that's exactly what our KHS KEMPER Hygiene System does.

How can that be seen? With more design reliability, greater variability and, above all, increased efficiency across all life-cycle phases of a building.

An Overview of the KHS KEMPER Hygiene System

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Discover simply more values with just one system

Stagnation prevention

For every natural draw-off, there is a water exchange in the connected loop pipe, stagnation in the domestic water installation is prevented by natural consumption. As a result, the nominal content of a bathroom is exchanged up to 100 times a day – without wasting a drop of water – and the operator risk is comparison to conventional installation types is greatly reduced.

Thanks to the natural water exchange in the loop pipe, the prescribed temperature maintenance can be realised efficiently. The KHS KEMPER Hygiene System reduces the water temperature by up to 5 K in bathroom installation in comparison to conventional types of installation.

The KHS Venturi Flow-Splitter ensures water exchange in the pipes without any noise and unnoticed by the user. This is an advantage that ensures comfort in comparison to conventional fittings, especially in buildings such as hotels or care homes.

Use of the patented KHS Venturi Flow-Splitters ensure a marked reduction in flushing volumes. Up to 3 m³ of drinking water can thus be saved per year and bathroom in comparison to conventional installation types. Furthermore, remaining flushing volumes of water can be collected centrally in a cistern and used as ECO water in secondary systems.

In spite of higher daily water exchange than a series installation, the KHS KEMPER Hygiene System manages without additional energy thanks to the KHS Venturi Flow-Splitter. There are further savings from lower investment costs and thinner pipes.

The arrangement of the installations – WC to shower or washbasin – can be chosen freely. Even if usage habits change in the long term and tapping points are taken out of service, no pipes have to be dismantled to prevent stagnation. Simply sealing the connection is enough.

Thanks to loop installation and KHS Flow-Splitters, natural and planned draw-offs in the overall system ensure safe water exchange, even in temporarily unused bathrooms. This is an advantage with varying usages with potential stagnation areas, e.g., in hotels and hospitals.

The nominal content of a bathroom is often exchanged by the KHS KEMPER Hygiene System much more frequently than required by the law; the formation of dangerous germs is greatly reduced due to a lack of stagnation. This reduces the operator risk in comparison to conventional installation types, even in the event of unexpected changes in use.

There can often be unexpected changes in use in properties such as hotels or hospitals. With the KHS Hygiene Flush Box or KHS CoolFlow system components, water exchange and temperature maintenance can be automated – thus ensuring drinking water hygiene even in the event of interruptions to operation.

Cutting running costs – while doing something for the environment: the second use of the collected water is available to operators as ECO water, for example for watering gardens, green roofs and green façade areas – or for flushing WCs.

Loop Installation as Basis for Optimum Drinking Water Hygiene

We developed the KHS KEMPER Hygiene System for buildings that are especially relevant to hygiene or have potential stagnation areas in the drinking water supply. The basis of our solution is the further development of the series installation into a loop installation. In a loop installation, the pipe is conducted back to the distribution pipe after the last tapping point and connected by our patented KHS Venturi Flow-Splitter.

Stagnation Prevention

The effect of our further development: Downstream, natural consumption ensures water exchange in the ongoing operation of a buildings, even in stagnation areas – even in temporarily unused bathrooms. With the same usage behaviours, there can be up to 100 times more frequent water exchange in the bathroom per day in comparison to a conventional series installation.

Temperature Maintenance

More than a positive side effect: thanks to the natural water exchange in the loop pipe, the statutory prescribed temperature maintenance can be realised efficiently. The use of KHS Flow-Splitters reduces the water temperature in bathroom installation by up to 5 K in comparison to series installation just due to the regularly flowing fresh drinking water.

Use of KHS CoolFlow | Kemper Group

KHS CoolFlow is the solution for sustainable temperature maintenance

Ever hotter summer months lead to increasingly high ambient air temperatures in buildings. The incoming main temperature of the drinking water also rises. The consequence: temperature-controlled flushing measures rise dramatically to ensure the statutory prescribed temperature maintenance.

You effectively ensure temperature maintenance in the cold water with a climate-resilient drinking water supply. KHS CoolFlow is the intelligent component in the KHS KEMPER Hygiene System that ensures active temperature maintenance.

What’s useful to know even in the planning phase: KHS CoolFlow quickly pays for itself as an alternative to temperature maintenance; the Return on Investment (ROI) is often achieved after less than two years.

More about KHS CoolFlow

Best Economic Reasons for Designers, Operators and Investors

The subject of efficiency naturally also played an important role in the development of the KEMPER Hygiene System - KHS: for example, in comparison to series installation, the investment costs for the KHS with Flow-Splitter can be up to 20 per cent lower – and thus already a strong argument for our solution, alongside better hygienic properties and great operational safety.

With the up to 70 per cent lower operating costs thanks to lower drinking water consumption, lower maintenance and energy costs or the use of ECO water, we offer the best reasons for designers, operators and investors.

Graphic Operator Duties -Comparison of use of standard serial Installation to KEMPER Hygiene System | Kemper Group

Make your drinking water supply safe, economical and sustainable

Thanks to personal service, design assistance and digital tools, the design is individual, straightforward and efficient.

  • Maintenance costs of €0 for KHS Flow-Splitters
  • Water saving per bathroom 3m³/a
  • Re-use flushing volume 100% as ECO water
  • System knowledge 100% ensures greatly simplified operator duties
  • Design assistance 100%
  • ROI <2a thanks to active temperature maintenance
  • < 5 K lower temperature level
  • Water exchange > 50x with the same usage behaviour

We give everything for your success

We have fought for our vision. When our idea was born more than 15 years ago, the potential of the KEMPER Hygiene System could barely be foreseen. Today, more than 15,000 projects prove: it makes drinking water hygiene more efficient, better and more sustainable.

We are proud of that.

More values. One system. KEMPER KHS.

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