Bronze strip “off the peg”? Not at KEMPER

Bronze strips are known for their high strength and good forming properties. They have good relaxation resistance at temperatures up to about 110°C and are therefore often used for current-carrying spring elements.

For designers of electrical contacts, bronze offers even more advantages.
For example, tempers can be adjusted almost infinitely to the requirements of further forming and the final function, irrespective of the standardised tempers or those shown on the datasheets. Moreover, it is possible to make the forming properties such as bending even more favourable by modifying the microstructure.

This means you don't have to buy bronze strips “off the peg”. Many properties can be customised to specific requirements. Precise knowledge of the material requirements in the specific application is a good condition for the success of optimally adjusted material properties.

Our CuSn6 HP and CuSn8 HP materials are bronzes with particularly good bending properties. The very fine microstructure of these materials allows tighter radii than standard bronzes with the same strength and the same chemical composition. Or in other words: higher strengths are achievable with these materials with the same bending requirement.

Properties at a glance

  • tight bending radii with much higher strength
  • lower susceptibility to cracking in the bending region
  • reduced roughness in the forming region and hence smoother contact zones
  • reduced use of precious metal for coating the contact zone
    (due to smoother surface)
  • exceptionally high flexural strength (advantage for relay springs, for example)