A new level of advanced engineering

New functions, new installation advantages, tried-and-tested gunmetal

Is it possible to equip such a sophisticated product with new, meaningful features? We sought to answer this question with the help of experienced technicians, who have been met with unfavourable installation situations, discerning end users and improper use by undesired third-party access Using what we had learned, we conceived several problem-solving ideas and just as many new functions and improvements.

Discover our new FROSTI®

The new advantages

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Other highlights

The handle, socket key operated part and lockable handle are uniform and harmonious in design. The valve integrates into the surrounding wall in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Clean, reliable, hard-wearing – the corrosion-resistant, tried-and-tested gunmetal material can be relied upon to provide years of worry-free functional reliability in domestic water installations.

A matching retrofitting set is available for replacing the discharge body and drop ear elbow (production since 2006).

Upgrading old models (manufactured from 2009 onwards) with the new over-twist protection is straightforward and efficient, as the new handle and the lockable handle can be retrofitted at any point.

Spare parts are available for all generations of our frost-proof outdoor tap FROSTI®, even if they’re well past the minimum statutory period.

What our customers have to say

C. Theisen, Hundhausen Energietechnik

“The two-piece collar is my personal product highlight! I can adjust the inclined bore to get a neat, flush fit with the wall. Repair work, e.g. with silicone, is no longer necessary, and my customer is very happy with the aesthetically pleasing design. It couldn’t be better!”

“I wouldn’t have thought an outside tap could be reworked so innovatively!”


Our responsibility as a manufacturer

During the development of the new FROSTI®, making the production process as sustainably and resource-friendly as possible was top priority. For example, we avoided using plastic parts as much as possible and used recycled material.

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Product versions (available from Q1/2024)
Partnumber Product description Nominal width
FROSTI® frost-proof outdoor tap, with operating handle, construction set version, end-to-end length min. 150 - 415 mm DN 15
DN 20
FROSTI® frost-proof outdoor tap, with socket wrench, construction set version, end-to-end length min. 150 - 415 mm DN 15
DN 20
FROSTI®-XL frost-proof outdoor tap, with operating handle, XL construction set version, end-to-end length min. 150 - 530 mm DN 15
DN 20
5790201500 FROSTI® frost-proof outdoor tap, pre-mounted design, end-to-end length min. 150 mm and can be extended to any length during installation DN 15


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