CuSn8 HP

high performance

Standard designation

EN CW453K / UNS C52100

Chemical composition
Cu Rest
Sn [%] 8
P [%] 0.1
Description / applications

CuSn8 HP is one of the copper-tin alloys. CuSn8 HP combines high strength with good electrical properties. CuSn8 HP is especially malleable due to its fine-grained structure. Applications: components for the electronics industry, connectors, contact springs, relay springs, leaf springs, switching elements

Physical properties¹
Density 8.8 g/cm³
Electrical conductivity 7.5 m/Ω·mm²
13% IACS²
Thermal conductivity 62 W/m·K
Thermal expansion coefficient 18.5·10-6/K
E modulus 115 GPa
¹Approximate values in soft state, measured at ambient temperature
² IACS = International Annealed Copper Standard
Processing information
Weldability good
Solderability very good
Stress crack corrosion none
Mechanical properties
Condition Tensile strength Rm [MPa] Yield strength Rp0.2 [MPa] Elongation
A50 [%]
R685 685-785 min. 580 min. 15 -
R785 min. 785 min. 700 min. 10 -

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CuSn8 HP
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