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KEMPER product data, reliably and economically processed

The term ‘product data’ means any kind of information to do with a product, including article data (from distribution, technology and logistics), image data and design data. With digitalisation on the rise, high-quality product data is becoming increasingly important to our business partners!

As a member of ARGE Building Digital Competence, the largest brand-name manufacturer organisation in the building services sector, we use the service

There you’ll find all product data and documents to download for free in conventional formats such as Excel, Datanorm and PDF.

Portal building master data

Product data research in turbo mode

During a building process, the people involved in the building often have to process and archive large amounts of product data for the planned building product. Until now, it was extremely time-consuming, especially for those responsible for the design, to search for data for hundreds of products across several different manufacturer websites or in catalogues and manually transfer it into their design programs.

The solution can be found at the product data service from KEMPER’s subsidiary, Dendrit.

PDOD is the first cross-manufacturer service where product data from notable building product manufacturers is available for free from a single source.

With just a few clicks, designers can search for and download data from a wide range of manufacturers on a single website and transfer it straight into their software, saving time, nerves and money.

Even ‘historical data’ for older series are stored, including references to successor models. This means users are always given access to up-to-date data in the system completely automatically.

PDOD product data service

Digital design

Product data in accordance with VDI 3805

KEMPER provides product data in accordance with VDI 3805 and permanently continues processing this data on the basis of the current directive. This ensures that designs, calculation and drawings are always made with the most recent product data.