Safety valves

Safety devices protect drinking water

Maintaining drinking water quality – from its delivery by the supply company to the tapping point – is not just dependent on temperature maintenance and the intended use. Equally, inadequate safety measures can result in microbial or even chemical contamination of the drinking water.

Assess risks properly and prevent backflow

In most cases, a drinking water installation comprises several connections to other systems with more or less hazardous media. DIN EN 1717 defines a uniform Europe-wide standard in the supply section “Drinking Water”. This standard differentiates the areas of use for safety valves and defines fluid categories 1 to 5 according the hazardous materials they contain. Therefore, an important criterion when selecting a safety device is therefore the nature of the fluid whose backflow the drinking water is to be protected from. Not just water suppliers, but also designers and plumbers are especially subject to an increased liability risk.

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