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Design software Dendrit STUDIO

Modern building technology design - smart and reliable!


Dendrit STUDIO is a graphical calculation and design software for the plumbing and heating trades. Thanks to the integrated project management feature, an unrestricted CAD interface and smart drawing tools and assistants, you can quickly produce drawings for integrated calculations.

Calculation and design software

Leading the way in calculation and simulation

For the plumbing industry, there are extensive calculations available for drinking water and waste water connections as well as integrated simulations for circulation and flushing technology.

Comprehensive heating design

Through a data communications network, you can plan the heat load, the heating surface configuration and pipework calculation.

List of materials for all standard AVA systems

In the material extract, all of the measurements from the calculations are available in detail across trades and can be transferred into any standard AVA system.

About Dendrit

Dendrit Haustechnik-Software GmbH is a leading provider of system solutions in plumbing engineering calculations. This one-stop system solution is used by more than 20,000 users. The simulation of the circulation system and the KEMPER hygiene system KHS are particularly reliable for the designer when designing complex systems.

KEMPER Group subsidiaries

Since January 2010, Dendrit Haustechnik Software GmbH has been a subsidiary of the KEMPER Group. This has strengthened the existing efficient collaboration and additional ambitious targets have been realised together.

Strong partners from science and industry

Our many years of experience cooperating with industry partners, universities and scientific experts ensure our products are developed to be technically flawless and forward-looking. High-performing, internationally renowned companies in the field of plumbing and building services come together in a group to holistically, competently and reliably support design. All of the companies involved possess unique product expertise and a strong market presence and are innovators. Their products are linked to each other through Dendrit STUDIO, which allows a hydraulic system to be illustrated in full in an end-to-end design.

Continuous development

Continuous development and technically flawless implementation of normative changes are supported scientifically by the expertise of the Energy · Building Services · Environmental Engineering Department at FH Münster University of Applied Sciences.


The name Dendrit itself implies the fundamental idea of a graphical design concept. Dendrit (Greek) means tree or branching and thus refers to branching diagrams, the foundation of all designs and calculations for building services pipework. Due to increased requirements from standards and regulations regarding building technology design, considerably more work needs to go into designing. Keeping this amount of work to a minimum for the designer is what Dendrit’s developers and engineers aspire to achieve.


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