KTS Central Hot Water Heating

KTS Central Hot Water Heating

Managing energy efficiency and hygiene

The results of consistent ongoing development

With the new KTS Water Heaters, ThermoSystem KTS has proved itself as a pioneer of water heaters. KTS can supply water for almost any type of building or application, with increased speed, hygiene, efficiency and innovation.

Progress through KTS

With the increasing focus on harmonising the use of regenerative energy sources and maintaining drinking water hygiene, there are new and demanding requirements for drinking water heating systems. As a consequence, building technology components need to be better-performing and more flexible than ever. This also applies to their ability to communicate with a central building management system. All the while, time is increasingly of the essence in planning and execution. This means future systems need to be highly favourable in terms of sizing, assembly and commissioning.

ThermoSystem KTS

Why choose instantaneous hot water heating?

Ensuring drinking water hygiene while maximising energy efficiency is currently one of the most significant challenges in building technology. It’s essential to choose the right technology for the job. You need it to allow you to avoid risks that may affect drinking water hygiene while also enabling you to use energy as efficiently and sustainably as possible. KEMPER ThermoSystems KTS Water Heaters provide innovative solutions for this very purpose.

With outstanding performance data even at low flow temperatures, they’re considerably more effective at cooling the heating means as storage systems. This ensures that energy is used much more efficiently and the use of regenerative energy sources is more cost-effective. These solutions also provide significant advantages in terms of drinking water hygiene. Even at least water usage, the water content of the instant heating system is completely exchanged (e.g. only 3 litres for KTS Water Heater M). In contrast, hot water withdrawals in large properties often store volumes a thousand times larger, increasing the risk of stagnation.

Technical data
M station L station
PWH removal flow rate* 1.6 l/min - 75 l/min 1.6 l/min - 120 l/min
PWH temperature 30 - 70°C 30 - 70°C
Thermal disinfection 70 - 90°C 70 - 90°C
Max. performance* 262 kW 418 kW
Dimensions H1 x L1 x D1 749 mm x 550 mm x 388 mm 749 mm x 550 mm x 388 mm
*Values are based on storage temperature of 80°C and hot water temperature of 60°C
Copper solder Copper solder Stainless steel Stainless steel
M station L station M station L station
single unit 9152010100 9153010100 9252010100 9253010100
2-stage cascade 9152000200 9153000200 9252000200 9253000200
3-stage cascade 9152000300 9153000300 9252000300 9253000300
4-stage cascade 9152000400 9153000400 9252000400 9253000400
5-stage cascade 9152000500 9153000500 9252000500 9253000500

Already in use

New water heaters perform impressively in practice


Klinikum Lüdenscheid-Hellersen

  • Design: 2023
  • Building type: Hospital
    (900-bed capacity, 30 treatment departments)
  • Product group: KTS

Ward block: 5-stage cascade L stations
treatment: 3-stage cascade M stations


VAMED Klinik Hagen-Ambrock

  • Design: 2022
  • Building type: Hospital
    (250 rehab patients, 88 intensive care beds)
  • Product group: KTS

Hospital and residential homes: 4-stage cascade L stations


Roche Real Estate Mannheim GmbH

  • Design: 2022
  • Building type: Pharmaceutical industry
    (series-type shower systems for 60 employees)
  • Product group: KTS

Industrial plant changing area: 2-stage cascade M stations



  • Design: 2023
  • Building type: Industrial plant
    (series-type shower systems with 13 showers)
  • Product group: KTS

Industrial plant changing area: M single station

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