Casting Technology

Casting Technology

Sophisticated casting from copper alloys

Casting technology – our vision

With our advanced material and product technologies, we aim to offer product developers efficient solutions with which to face the challenges of tomorrow.

World-leading brand products

Even if our products have changed over the years, our approach has always remained the same: we are pioneers and we understand that we need to constantly move forwards in order to justify this claim. The same is true of our casting technology. Our products place us among the world’s leading suppliers. A major contributor to this is our vast experience in casting copper alloys, making us a sought-after specialist when it comes to particularly sophisticated and durable products. It’s no wonder leading vendors happily rely on our ability to enhance their ranges with functionally effective, high-quality products. At the same time, we’re our own single biggest customer, as the renowned KEMPER branded valves for domestic water installations are produced in a our foundry. The gunmetal we use is not only corrosion-resistant but also meets the strict requirements of the German Drinking Water Directive – and is also lead-free, now and in the future.

The more challenging the tasks, the more we grow beyond ourselves.

KEMPER Casting Technology

Knowledge is the only resource that increases with use, which is why our employees share their expertise and experience with each other as well as passing it on to our customers. As a result of this exchange of ideas, we know the needs of the market very well and simultaneously receive valuable impetus for product optimisation and innovations.

To meet a wide range of requirements, our research and development department draws on KEMPER expertise in non-ferrous foundry technology which goes back over 150 years. They also have the latest design programs at their disposal so that they can structure cast products in terms of casting design and shape geometry for later use based on many years of experience.

The designs created in the 3D CAD program and the drawings produced in-house are made available to all the downstream departments.

Made in Germany

With 900 employees, 800 of whom are at our headquarters and production site in Olpe, Germany, and another 100 at our subsidiaries and international branches, we are in an excellent position to meet future challenges, which is why we are not only investing heavily in our in-house research and development, but are also constantly expanding our production capacity.

A family company with an eye for innovation

At KEMPER we have devoted ourselves to nothing less than progress. Because we want to make people’s lives just that little bit safer and more comfortable every day, regardless of whether this is through our casting and building technology which ensure the highest standards of drinking water hygiene or through our rolled products that are used in automotive and electrical applications around the world.


Resource-friendly circular economy

To produce our durable, sophisticated cast products, we use gunmetal, a material which is not only corrosion-resistant but also meets the strict requirements of the German Drinking Water Directive – and is also lead-free, now and in future. This base material is also 100% recyclable and can be reintroduced into the resource-friendly circular economy.

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