Building Technology

Building Technology

Our building technology valves and systems to protect drinking water are synonymous with sustainability and ecology. Specialist wholesalers, designers, sanitary ware fitters and landlords of large public and private buildings put their trust in our branded valves all across Europe.

Drinking water hygiene

Drinking water hygiene

The four success factors of drinking water hygiene

Like other foodstuffs, drinking water has a limited shelf life. If it sits in the feed pipes for too long it can spoil. If water sits for long periods of time because an area of an installation is not being used, it will stagnate.

When stagnation occurs, drinking water absorbs substances from the installation materials as well as the temperature from its surroundings. Both can lead to a change in drinking water quality that is harmful to health. A temperature rise to over 25°C is particularly alarming, as microorganisms such as Legionella multiply exponentially in lukewarm temperature ranges.

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KHS hygiene system

Hygiene system KHS

Protecting health, conserving resources

The hygiene system KHS was developed to meet hygiene requirements in drinking water installations. The system comprising innovative valve technology and intelligent pipe routing prevents stagnation and the resultant impairment of drinking water quality. The hygiene system KHS ensures that fresh drinking water can always be drawn at any tapping point.

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Balancing valves

Balancing valves

Hot water is a risk area: protect drinking water systems from Legionella bacteria

Harmful bacteria, especially Legionella, thrive in the temperature range between 25 and 50°C and multiply exponentially. In order to prevent this, the temperature of the circulating hot water must be kept at ≥ 55°C throughout the installation. In systems with more than one circulation circuit, this requires hydraulic balancing. With our static and automatic circulation balancing valves, we offer you safe and reliable products.

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Frost-proof outdoor tap

Frost-proof outdoor taps

Hygienically safe, attractive to look at and integrated into the façade

The FROSTI® frost-proof outdoor tap is permanently installed and automatically drains itself every time it is shut off. This means that no residual water can remain in the area that is at risk from frost. Water damage from a frozen outdoor tap is a thing of the past. The tap can therefore be used all year round and it is no longer necessary to drain it manually.

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Our durable, non-corrosive valves for building technology and innovative solutions for system technology help to conserve and protect our most valuable resource - drinking water.

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