What does the KHS Floor Box accomplish? Permanent movement

Movement not only keeps people lean and healthy; piping systems do that too. The KHS-Floor Box Figure 640 50, with the innovative KHS-Venturi flow splitter (for use exclusively in cold drinking water!), effects the flooding of seldom used lines during the subsequent, regular water extraction.

That means:

  • No reconcentrating of chemicals and microbiology in the KHS-Venturi flow splitter ring. Fresh drinking water at the tapping points.
  • Supply of the tap from both KHS-Venturi flow splitter-ring sides.
    Smaller diameter, leaner systems with the highest level of comfort.

Advantages at a glance

  • Minimisation of the health risk, compliance with the Water Quality Regulation and the generally accepted codes of practice
  • Significantly improved supply situation at the connected taps
  • Prevention of microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC)
  • Available in DN 15 and DN 20

KHS-Floor Box in floors

Optimisation of the supply through the KHS-Floor Box

When the tapping point in the KHS-Floor Box ring is actuated, supply runs through both ring sides. That means, for instance, two DN 12 lines in the ring are sufficient to achieve the drainage capacity of one single DN 20 line. That ensures adequate supply, e.g., of the KEMPER FROSTI® (drainage capacity approx. 40 l/min at 1 bar flow pressure). Furthermore, in the winter months stagnation is prevented in the FROSTI® supply line (stagnation comes from the Latin. stagnatio, fluid stagnation).