with male thread
with MAPRESS connection
with MEPLA connection
made of stainless steel

Legionella control with the multi-talent Temperature maintenance in the energetic optimumptimum

Look forward to it:When designing your next circulation system, for the first time the main problem is not having to deal with the various valves, thermometers and connectors and the assembly time they require. Instead, just utilise the MULTITHERM valve from KEMPER and spare the effort for the rest. The hygienist demands sterile hot water! The solution: KEMPER provides the proven and technically permanently further-developed range of regulating valves. Sure solutions for drinking water distribution and circulation. Proven, lasting value, robust operating principle. Regulating valves from KEMPER provide permanent protection against hazard potentials which could arise in the hot water systems due to the material being used, the stagnation and due to the low temperature level

Advantages at a glance

  • Thermostatic-controlled regulation of the smallest volume flows
  • Stop and temperature monitoring in one head part
  • Optimised draining facility using rotatable drainage valve
  • Optionally available with electronic temperature sensor for building management systems
  • High-grade, in proven gunmetal quality, resistant to aggressive water
  • Stagnant-zone-free
  • DIN/DVGW-certificate as per W 554 + KTW certificate for plastic parts in contact with water
  • Nominal widths from DN 15 - DN 25
  • Pre-adjustable compliant with the Dendrit simulation

With DVGW certification

Finely regulate, stop, drain and monitor the temperature volume flow rate thermally controlled. At the same time, the MULTI-THERM valves from KEMPER does not only operate in the operating temperature range of 30 to 50 °C or 50 to 65 °C, but at temperatures  > 70 °C also automatically supports thermal disinfection. Developed in accordance with the DVGW worksheets W 551, W 553*. With DVGW-certification as per W 554* (* does not apply to the control range 30 - 50 °C)

Stop, measure, regulate

Stop valves with removable key elements, optionally available with insertable thermometer or temperature sensor for building management systems. Controlled through the temperature level, the valve can regulate, thermally disinfect and guarantee the required minimum volume flow. The operating set-point temperature can be adjusted directly on the regulating head part. Control range: 30 - 50 °C or 50 - 65 °C as per W 551. KEMPER MULTI-THERM circulation regulating valves automatically set the hydraulic balancing of the circulation systems among each other depending on the temperature in the PWH-C branch, namely dynamic and temperature-dependent!