HP Bronze


Phosphor bronze strips "off-the shelf"? Not with KEMPER

Phosphor bronze strips are known for their high strength und their good cold forming properties.
At a medium temperature of around 100°C they have a good resistance against stress relaxation
and are therefore often used for current-carrying spring elements.

For the engineer who designs electrical contacts phosphor bronzes provide additional benefits.
Independently from the temper classes mentioned in standards or data sheets the mechanical
properties can be adapted nearly infinitely to the requirements for the further forming
and to the function of the parts.
Moreover it is possible to improve the forming properties, e.g. the bendability by modification of the micro structure.

You do not have to buy bronze strips “off-the shelf”. Many properties can be individually adjusted
to the customer’s needs. The exact knowledge of the material requirements for the specific application are a good precondition for optimally set material properties.

Our materials CuSn6 HP and CuSn8 HP are bronzes with particularly good bending properties.
The very fine micro structure of these materials enables tighter bending radii as those of standard bronze.
Vice versa: A higher strength is possible at unchanged bending requirements.

Properties at a glance

  • tight bending radii at significantly increased strengt
  • lower susceptibility to cracking in the bending area
  • reduced roughness in the forming zone,therefore smoother contact surface
  • reduced use of precious metal for the coating of the contact zone
    (due to the smoother surface)
  • high flexural fatigue strength

CuSn6 HP and CuSn8 HP are available in up to 0.4 mm thickness.