Manufacturing Process

Fertigungsprozesse Gießen
Fertigungsprozesse Schneiden


The base material for our metal strips is smelted and cast in the foundry. Depending on the alloy specifications, various metals and additives are used. The KEMPER range covers bronzes, copper, copper-iron, copper-nickel-silicon and other special materials.


The rolling process reduces the strip thickness pass for pass. Equipped with the latest measurement and control technology, the process produces much tighter strip thickness tolerances than those demanded by international standards. Even during the early stages of the manufacturing process, the highest degree of
planarity and surface quality is planned in.


Fertigungsprozess Bandschwebeofen
Fertigungsprozess Schneiden

Depending on the alloy and the pretreatment, the annealing process allows the electrical conductivity, the strength and the formability to be adjusted. Knowledge of the metallurgical processes and decades of experience ensure that the final material has the required attributes. KEMPER has bell annealer and continous annealing furnace at its disposal, depending on the requirements of the finished product.


Depending on the customer requirements, the metal strips are brushed, passivated against oxidation,
oiled or provided with a metallic film (see surface treatment). Slitting lines are used to produce the metal strip in the width specified by the customer. The objectives from this process are a precise cut and perfect coiling. Depending on the intended use, the flatness and edge stresses can be optimised through a stretch-bend-levelling process.