Thermal separator

Caution – heat transmission: hygiene risks in mixing taps!

Even if installed correctly in accordance with the generally accepted codes of practice, the risk of temperature transfers in mixing taps has not necessarily been eliminated.

In circulation mode, there are temperatures of approx. 60°C at double drop-ear elbows in the taps on the hot water side. Mixing taps and cross beams installed here act as thermal bridges and thus heat the cold water to temperatures that are hygienically extremely problematic. Scientific studies clearly show that the upper limit of 25°C required by law cannot be met here. This applies even if the lines are installed correctly – ‘hot water up’ and ‘cold water down’.

Easy to install and flexible

The thermal separator is made of pressure- and tension-resistant PU foam for easy, soundproofed installation as a mounting block. The pitch of 150 mm can be varied by separating the mounting block.

Benefit from the following advantages:

  • Reliable thermal separation
  • Acoustic decoupling thanks to PU foam
  • EnEV (German energy saving regulations) 2014 guide values are exceeded
  • Simple installation
  • Universal installation thanks to variable inside micrometer