Rolled Products

Rolled Products

Copper and copper alloy strips

Rolled products – our vision

With our semi-finished products, our aim is to make electronics even more reliable for people in their daily lives, making them more convenient to use.

Alloys at a glance

Special requirements demand special materials. High-performance materials are achieved through the interaction of special alloy components and the process control tailored to them.

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Portfolio Highest possible demands on casting and rolling technology

KEMPER supplies copper-based metal strips with high-quality finishes and physical and mechanical properties for specific applications.


100% recyclable, indefinitely reusable

When it comes to sustainability, our top priority is conserving resources and protecting the environment and climate. Utilising reusable materials in our production is an indispensable part of our sustainability strategy. The base material we use in the production of our rolled strips is 100% copper. It’s indefinitely recyclable, making it highly suitable for the resource-friendly circular economy.

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