Driving progress sustainably

With our products and services, we can make an important contribution to enabling people to have a healthy, safe and sustainable life. As a medium-sized innovative pioneer, we also want to take a leading role in the field of corporate sustainability in the future. As such, we are aware of our huge responsibility to treat nature, raw materials and our fellow human beings with care.

Holistic approach to sustainable corporate thinking

Sustainable action constitutes one of the central challenges for the economy in general and medium-sized industrial enterprises in particular. Sustainability is a social obligation, legal requirement and central customer demand at the same time. We are convinced that the company’s long-term future can only be secured if economic, environmental and social aspects are put into practice equally every day within the company.

In order to describe the status quo with regard to sustainability activities within our company and publish objectives and actions for the future, KEMPER publishes a sustainability report with a holistic approach. In this way, we can guarantee a transparent overview for every interest group.

economy, environment and social affairs

We have identified a total of five overarching areas of action within this breakdown:



  • The company creates the structures to be able to offer products and services in a climate neutral way.


  • Corporate growth through innovation and investment
  • Continuous product development alongside future and sustainability areas

Social affairs

  • Value-based and cross-generational actions of a family company
  • The range of compliance topics: KEMPER pursues the objective of meeting all legal, directive-specific and voluntary requirements that the company is subject to.

Orientation and compliance with sustainability standards

When reporting on sustainability activities, KEMPER uses the German Sustainability Code for orientation, thereby also covering the criteria of the Global Reporting Initiative. As well as this superordinate standard, general standards also guide corporate activity within the individual sustainability pillars and areas of activity. For example, in the environmental area, KEMPER has an environment management system which is certified to ISO 14001. In the social area, the recognition of the core labour standards of the International Labour Organisation should be mentioned as a component of the underlying standards and norms.


KEMPER is a member of the energy efficiency and climate protection network WVMplus 3.0. By taking part, we are helping to achieve the climate and energy policy targets of the Federal Republic of Germany (saving up to 6 m. tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions and up to 11 terawatt hours of end use energy by the end of 2025).

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