High Performance Alloys


Special requirements demand special materials. High performance materials are a result of the interaction of special alloy components and targeted process control.

These materials meet particularly high demands on electrical conductivity, strength and forming capacity. High performance materials from KEMPER are identified by the designation KHP® (KEMPER High Performance). KHP® materials are particularly suitable for miniaturising connectors and electronic components.

Copper Alloys for Connectors and Electromechanical Components

Diagramm: Kupferwerkstoffe für Steckverbinder und elektromechanische Anwendungen

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Special alloys

Stress Relaxation

Diagramm Stress relaxation at 150 °C

The operating life of a product is particularly important when using copper-based materials in connectors and contact springs. Springy components are being subjected to increasingly high temperatures, for example up to 150 °C and above in the automotive sector. The spring forces have to be maintained for a long period of time so that transmission of electricity is also ensured over periods of long-term use. The stress relaxation resistance is therefore a very important selection criterion for the material.

In materials science, relaxation refers to a reduction of the tension during constant deflection. The diagram shows how the contact force of a flexible spring decreases over time for the various alloys under the influence of temperature. This data helps simulate the long-term behaviour of electro-mechanical and connectors.