Foundry meets High-tech

Produktion Gießerei High-Tech

A little better every day

True to our philosophy: that nothing is so good that it can’t still be improved a little, we support our customers with our experience in the structure and design of a new part. So with this in mind, we conceptualise, design and optimise your specifications and requirements on request and show you where there is potential for improvement. Consistent support from CAD design right through to the finished end product saves time and money. Moreover, in order to ensure environmentally-friendly production that uses less resources and provides quality assurance, the casting process undergoes computer-aided simulation beforehand. When we receive new enquiries we are in a position to present samples to our customers within a very short timeframe thanks to our innovative tooling technologies.

When components have an especially complex internal geometry and in order to combine multiple functions, we build equipment which rules out potential core mismatching right from the start and ensures a consistent wall thickness.

Continuous review of the processes

To achieve this, we have furnaces in which various copper-tin alloys can also be cast. Individual casting parameters are stored in the machine controls for each cast part, ensuring reproducible results. The entire forming process is continuously monitored by our skilled foundry workers and safety in the production process is guaranteed by documentation throughout.

Precision through Machining

Competence in the foundry only really pays off when you can produce high quality parts in practice. In other words, as precise and environmentally friendly as possible. Our state-ofthe-art machinery offers us the ideal conditions to do just this. It encompasses every machining possibility from large and medium to small production runs; from 80 grams to 25 kilograms and robotic loading and unloading using camera recognition. We also have automated wash and leak testing equipment which was developed especially for large production runs such as fittings.

CNC rotary transfer machines,

The mechanical processing of fittings, valve bodies, water meter sections and many other applications takes place on CNC rotary transfer machines, which fulfil all of the requirements of batch production for even complex cast parts extremely precisely and efficiently.

CNC-gesteuerte Rundtakt-Transfermaschine

4-axis processing centre

Our horizontal 4-axis processing centre allows the production of highly complex bodies such as those required in water treatment.


Leak test (Bubble-Test)

Every single cast part is tested for tightness. The fittings are washed in the machine and tested underwater at 6 bar air (bubble test) in an automated process. The trained eye of the responsible employee decides whether the quality of the cast part meets the requirements. This also includes a visual inspection of every part.

Dichtheitsprüfung (Bubble-Test)

3D coordinated measuring machine

Last but not least, the required quality is checked by our skilled employees on a 3D coordinated measuring machine – ensuring that only perfect parts leave our factory.