Know How

The more challenging the tasks, the more we grow beyond ourselves

Know How: Kernpaket Gießerei

Innovation through knowledge exchange

Knowledge is the only resource that increases with use, which is why our employees share their expertise and experience with each other as well as passing it on to our customers. As a result of this exchange of ideas, we know the needs of the market very well and simultaneously receive valuable impetus for product optimisation and innovations.

Our experience is your advantage

Our research and development department can draw on KEMPER know-how from over 150 years of non-ferrous foundry technology for wide-ranging requirements in the process, but they also have the latest design programs available in order to design cast products in terms of the casting process and geometry for their later use.

Customized design and production

The designs created in the 3D CAD program and the drawings produced in-house are made available to all of the downstream departments.