Building Information Modeling
BIM data on a new level

With the launch of Building Information Modelling (BIM) the requirements placed on product data are also increasing significantly. For integral planning, geometric information is required along with connection data as well as technical and commercial information.

Convenient integration 

From now on, Dendrit enables building-services technical consultants to generate BIM data on a new level. Dendrit GENERATION as an add-in for Autodesk Revit makes integrating products into BIM processes extraordinarily easy. There is no longer any need to search extensively for RFA files (Revit Family) in the Internet. With the “Find” function, a filter by technical product characteristics, you can specifically select valves for instance based on their function, nominal diameter, material and/or connection type. In GENERATION the product families are simply dragged and dropped right from the results list into the drawing area. Here, the family is positioned in pipelines for example with the usual Revit functions and suitable transitions are immediately placed according to the connection data. As an alternative, the search can also be performed across the manufacturer catalogues that are stored.

Automatic COBie translation  

Technical consultants who use the language package in AutoDesk Revit are supported by GENERATION with completely localised desktops in COBie (for the UK) and Dendrit (for German-language projects).  The highlight is the family update function: it changes the data standards and information of already placed products at runtime! Planning is in German as usual; delivery is in English according to the COBie standard!

Innovative planning update

Working with obsolete or redundant data contradicts the thinking behind Building Information Modelling. This is why the GENERATION update centre always brings products and applications that are already placed up to the current development level.