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Technically mature and noble in design: KEMPER SAFE, the compact supply station for outdoors, facilitates simultaneously comfortable water and power supply at one central point. Regardless of the application and which device, you will always find the suitable size and features.
KEMPER MINI-SAFE built-in wall cabinet Figure 211, H/W/D: 340x300x120 mm, the compact supply station for a one-family house. KEMPER MINI-SAFE surface-mounted wall cabinet Figure 212, H/W/D: 315/280/132 mm


The supply station with various connection facilities, e.g. water and electricity connection for 230 V/400 V, can be expanded at the construction site, e.g. with gas, telephone, antenna or drainage connection, for private and commercial use. KEMPER SAFE built-in wall cabinet Figure 210, H/W/D: 470x250x120 mm, for concealed installation. KEMPER SAFE surface-mounted wall cabinet Figure 213, H/W/D: 510x285x130 mm, for subsequent fast and clean installation on previously finished outside walls and if the wall thickness is insufficient for concealed installation. The KEMPER SAFE surface-mounted wall cabinet is available especially for chlorinated environments (e.g., swimming pools), Figure 214.

Reliable and comfortable in use

  • Reliable for public buildings (schools, kindergartens, hotels, fire stations), events (markets, celebrations), camping sites, residential construction
  • Comfortable for the most varied applications with electricity and water, for garden, patio, penthouse apartment (lawnmower, electric barbecue)

Installation situation

The compact KEMPER SAFE supply unit can be easily integrated into masonry or concrete walls and fits harmoniously into the architecture.

Advantages at a glance

  • Comfortable water and electricity supply at one central point in the outdoor area
  • Noble design since it is made entirely of high-grade stainless steel no. 1.4404
  • Reliable protection against unauthorised water and electricity tapping even during use,
    through integrated cover for hose and cable connection
  • Secure pin lock, can be retrofit to an existing master key system
  • With KEMPER frost-proof outdoor valve; guaranteed frost-proof through automatic drainage
  • With socket combinations for 230 and 400 volts, make Mennekes, IP 44, hard wired, available for D, A, CH, DK, F, GB; optionally with ground-leakage appliance in the box
  • Safe isolation of water and electrical connections compliant with VDE directive for moist areas and rooms VDE 0100 Part 737
  • Available as a modular system: Size and features freely selectable as needed