sampling valve made of gunmetal
sampling valve made of stainless steel
sampling valve for connection to angle stop valve

KEMPER Sampling Valves

Always the right choice

Do you also place especially high requirements on a sampling valve?

Whether the availability of variants for all application areas, saving work, variable mounting or the facility for alternative disinfection methods and along with that problem-free sampling? Or are you tired of having to accept dripping sampling points after flaming off multiple times or even unauthorised water tapping (water stealing)?

With the KEMPER sampling valves you can be sure that all of these demands are met along with all the pertinent standards and regulations.

Along with the KEMPER gunmetal sampling valves, a variant made of stainless steel is also available to be able to take samples even in swimming pools as well as in the food and pharmaceutical industry. Both variants can be retrofit because they already have stop or regulating valves in the G ¼ or G 3/8 tapping valve connections.

The sampling process is described in DIN EN ISO 19458. KEMPER sampling valves comply with the consequential requirements placed on the tapping valve.

The design which can be rotated twice by 360° always permits vertical sampling with a pencil-thick jet.

Flaming off leads to a high thermal load of the materials used. So KEMPER sampling valves are equipped with metallic seals in the area of the valve-body fixation and the outlet pipe attachment. The V-seal in the stop is made of temperature-resistant PTFE in order, especially here, to be able to guarantee permanent sealing against the system pressure. To prevent against "water stealing" KEMPER sampling valves can only be actuated with the supplied triangular wrench *.

Advantages at a glance

  • For all application areas – including swimming pools, food and pharmaceutical industry
  • Can be retrofit for all conventional draining valve connections
  • Available in the sizes G 1/4 and G 3/8
  • Problem-free positioning even in lines that run parallel
  • Permanently sealed stop
  • Permanent sealing of transition to drain pipe
  • Vertical sampling in all installation situations possible
  • Thermal disinfection/can be flamed
  • Chemical disinfection possible
  • Secured against unauthorised water tapping (water stealing)*
  • Ideal filling of the sample vessel
  • User-friendly on/off behaviour

* only in the gunmetal version