KEMPER Hose connection valves for wall hydrants

Figure 112 00 Type F, profile with aluminium C-coupling
Figure 112 03 Type F with measuring ring C-coupling
Figure 119 Type S (self-help)

Dependable safety at the wall hydrant

The KEMPER hose connection valve for Type F wall hydrants with reliable design, made of the corrosion-resistant and durable material gunmetal, is the dependable solution for wall hydrants in buildings with all types of use.

The smoothly operating upper section does not freeze up even after long periods of not being activated, guaranteeing immediate operational readiness.

The wrench flats integrated in the housing means advantageous mounting.

Certainty against manipulation in the head part of the valve is provided by the special head part, which can only be mounted with a special tool.

The hose connection valve is available with a 2" coupling nut or also with a flat sealing G2" connection fitting on the supply side.

Advantages at a glance

  • All parts that have contact with fluid are made of gunmetal, DIN 50930-6
  • The upper section is protected against destruction; it can only be removed with a special tool
  • 2 different versions for installation in new and existing buildings
  • - Universal connection for all pipework: flat sealing with G2" male thread and flat sealing with a G2" coupling nut.
  • Metal handwheel
  • Accessible wrench flats on the housing means easy installation
  • Pressure stage (PN) 16 bar

Modern valve engineering down to the last detail

The requirements placed on hose connection valves for Type F wall hydrants according to DIN 14461-3:

  • Max 3.5 turns up to completely open/closed
  • "OPEN" marking on head part
  • Chambered sealing disc (metal seal)
  • Rotatable valve disc
  • Replaceable sealing

The KEMPER hose connection valve meets the requirements in the product standard and, on top of that, provides advantages for design, repair and operation - during long periods of non-use and during operation.