New functions, new installation advantages, proven gunmetal.

How can the KEMPER frost-proof outdoor valve be improved even further?

We discussed this question with experienced plumbers.

With those who can also report on adverse installation situations, critical end users, improper handling and "thieves in the neighbourhood".

From the insights gained, we developed many problem-solving ideas and just as many new functions and improvements

Coming soon - Q4/2023

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KEMPER Frost-proof outdoor valves

with operating grip Figure 574
with upper detachable key element Figure 577
Optionally with lockable operating grip Figure 575 00 003

KEMPER FROSTI®-PLUS, the assembly kit
Figure 574

The assembly kit for prefabricated installation facilitates the assembly of the valve already during the building shell phase. The drain housing is mounted after completing the outside wall. The frost-proof outdoor FROSTI®-PLUS valve Figure 574 is also available in combination with the KEMPER KHS Floor Box Figure 640 50 as the KEMPER Frosti Hygiene Set Figure 640 60.

  • Now only one length for all common depths (for wall thicknesses up to 415 mm**)
  • Continuous adjustment to the exterior wall thicknesses (from 150-655 mm)

** for surface-mounted construction

KEMPER FROSTI® pre-assembled at the factory Figure 577 02

The factory pre-assembled valve for subsequent, fast and simple construction on previously finished outside walls. With a total external diameter of only 26.4 mm and movable rosette.

  • For wall thicknesses of 150 - 492 mm, can be extended as needed at the construction site
  • Universal connection R 1/2“ and Cu pipe 15 mm for soldering and pressing

Advantages at a glance

  • Reliable protection against frost damage through automatic drainage after every actuation
  • Hygienically safe: No stagnation volume, no heated-up water
  • Always factory equipped with the mandatory specified protection unit combination
    (hose union anti-vacuum captive and anti-pollution check-valve) as per DIN/DVGW
  • Noise control tested as per DIN EN ISO 3822
  • Always safe as per DIN 1988 100, DIN EN 1717
  • Above-average drainage capacity of 40 l per minute at 1 bar flow pressure
  • Completely opened or closed with only 2 rotations
  • Certified as per test standard VP 648 DVGW, sound transmission class I
  • Fast, easy assembly

The operating principle


KEMPER FROSTI® is completely opened with only 2 revolutions. The drain housing is flooded. The hydrodynamic design of the valve achieves an above-average drainage capacity of over 40 l per minute (at 1 bar flow pressure). That means there is sufficient water supply even with long water hoses. The fully-automatic drainage after the stop process prevents the valve from freezing. Water damages are prevented.

Stagnation does not arise in a drained valve, so there is no germ growth.