US license for KEMPER

Supply guarantee for rolled products with Japanese special alloys

The special alloys C19020 and C19025 from Dowa Metaltech, Japan, are mainly used in electronic and electrical components in Japanese-made vehicles and in telecommunications applications. Under its brand names KHP®105 and KHP®109, KEMPER has been producing high-precision rolled strips from these special alloys for the European market under license from Dowa Metaltech for many years, at a consistently high quality level. A new and expanded license agreement authorizes KEMPER to sell these materials – as well as the alloy C19027 (KHP®115) – in the US, too, with immediate effect. This offers suppliers in the US a new, reliable, legally secure supply source.

Legal certainty is an important criterion when purchasing patentregistered materials, especially for customers in the US. It is therefore essential to be cautious: as is so often the case with successful products, there are also imitators who attempt to enter this highly competitive market without the necessary license. “Such suppliers are in breach of the law, because they are violating applicable copyright law,” says Dr. Stephan Hansmann, Head of Technical Marketing at KEMPER. “Automotive suppliers in particular are taking an incalculable risk here!” KEMPER offers its customers the highest guarantee in this area, too, and is well prepared for the US market with this latest license.