KEMPER semi-finished non-ferrous metal products

Time after time consistent quality

KEMPER supplies strips made of copper and special copper alloys with high-quality finishes and homogeneous material structures. Rolling mills with the latest measurement and control engineering facilitate manufacturing strips to the tightest tolerances. In the ultra-modern foundry, about 20,000 tons of copper alloys for semi-finished goods manufacturing are being cast annually. KEMPER uses them to manufacture precision strips in thicknesses of 0.1 mm to 3 mm and in widths of 3 mm to 350 mm, which meet all customer requirements regarding tinning, heat treatment, structural shapes and individually customised delivery along with special
packing forms.

Profiltech Stufenbandprofile GmbH based in Keltern in south Germany has been solidly included in KEMPER as a subsidiary company since the beginning of 2012. Both family managed companies have already been combining loyal relationships with successful collaboration in the surface refinement of rolled strips for decades. KEMPER customers around the world profit from this successful merger and the consequential expanded spectrum of technical know-how, technical development skills and consulting in connector design, especially in the automotive, electrical and electronics supply industries.