KEMPER PROTECT Backflow preventer BA

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DIN EN 1717/DIN 1988-100

DIN EN 1717 stipulates a uniform standard for drinking water installations for protecting the drinking water against non-potable water throughout Europe. This standard differentiates the application areas for protection valves and defines the fluid categories. Along with the water supply companies, the technical consultants and plumbers are consequently increasingly faced with a liability risk. DIN 1988-100, in addition to the DIN EN 1717 national fundamentals, stipulates the protection of drinking water against fluids up to Category 5.

To accomplish that, KEMPER provides the safe, technically mature solution: The patented KEMPER PROTECT Backflow preventer BA protects drinking water from non-potable water up to and including Fluid Category 4.

According to DIN EN 1717 and DIN EN 806-5, there is a periodic maintenance obligation for the backflow preventer BA. Accordingly, a maintenance contract should be concluded for the annual maintenance between the operating organisation and the plumber.

Advantages at a glance

  • Differential-pressure controlled protection cartridge from a single assembly, which means the simplest possible replacement for the specified maintenance
  • System-pressure independent
  • All parts that have contact with the medium are made of gunmetal or plastic, springs made of stainless steel
  • With integrated dirt trap
  • Stagnant-zone-free
  • Installation of the backflow preventer BA permissible under the highest possible water level
  • DVGW/SVGW and soundproofing certificate
  • Highest functional safety, since every backflow preventer is 100% operationally tested
  • Can be supplied in DN 15-50



KEMPER PROTECT Backflow preventer BA with flange connection

Figure 361

The reliable solution in large nominal widths of DN 65 to 150

  • Housing made entirely of stainless steel,
    interior parts of stainless steel and gunmetal
  • Maintenance-friendly, all functional parts
    are easily accessible
  • Low weight
  • With flange connection on both sides
  • With adjustable medium pressure zone
    (as per DIN EN 1717)
  • DVGW certificate