Finery Figure 650 02
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KHS-Venturi flow splitter

Ingeniously simple – simply dynamic

Small currents in the through-pass - much movement in the ring

With the KHS Venturi flow splitter -dynamic- another step towards stagnation prevention has been achieved. With an additional component in the Venturi nozzle, the dynamic flow splitter is capable of achieving a maximal flow of the connected rings even with the smallest volume rates in the distribution line / in the riser branch. If the opening pressure of the dynamic Venturi nozzle is not attained, the volume flow in the direction of transit can be continually increased, and the ring continues to be strongly flooded due to the Venturi effect. Through the described operating principle, the KHS Venturi flow splitter -dynamic- can be used in both the cold as well as in the hot water system with great efficiency.

The components being used simplify assembly in a plumbing stack or in an intermediate ceiling. Periodic maintenance of the components is not required.

Youtube Video: KHS Flow-Splitter: How it works