KEMPER KHS Control Systems

KHS Mini Control System - for small and medium size buildings

The KEMPER KHS Mini Control System can selectively implement water changing
measures to maintain the potable water hygiene in small and medium size building (e.g. schools, kindergartens, small plants, industry, department stores, holiday homes, etc.). The intelligent MASTER/SLAVE technology, three operating modes for every single water change group (motor-operated KHS isolating valve, low and temperature measurement fitting, overflow monitoring) can be individually configured.

The three operating modes

  • Time controlled water change
  • Temperature controlled water change
  • Preset water volumes

MASTER/SLAVE technology application

The sophisticated modular principle with the practical accessories facilitates solving
complex requirements.

The MASTER/SLAVE technology

A single MASTER control box is the basic version of the KHS Mini Control System. This is used to control the water change measures at one point in a drinking water installation.The Mini Control System can be extended to a maximum of 1 Master box and 31 Slave boxes, which are connected in a row via CAN-BUS cable. 32 points with flushing valve, temperature and volume flow sensor and free drain with overflow sensor can be controlled with this system. All boxes can be configured over the screen and the buttons on the Master box. As an alternative, the configuration can be done with software on a notebook, which is connected to the Master box via USB cable. The data of all water change processes is stored in the Master box. The log file of all processes can be downloaded and saved as an excel file. The Mini Control System is a decentralized system where the control boxes are installed next to the point of water change. The wiring for the actuator and sensors is kept very short by this kind of installation. Only the CAN-BUS cable has to be installed between the single control boxes.In case of an error, a optical or visual alarm signal occurs and a transfer of the alarm signal to an existing BMS is possible by dry contact.

KHS Logic Control System - for large buildings

The KEMPER KHS Logic Control System is the intelligent solution for controlling
and monitoring water changing measures to maintain the potable water hygiene in
large buildings (e.g., hotels, hospitals, etc.). Along with performing the water changing measures and maintaining the temperature < 25 °C in the PWC, the KHS Logic Control System can also monitor the temperature level in the PWH/PWHC. The KHS Logic Control System is equipped with an alarm function to accomplish that. The operating conditions (PWC and PWH) are automatically logged.

The KHS Logic Control System can be flexibly used and can be centrally operated.
Operating and reading out the water change logs requires a customer PC. It includes
a programmable controller unit that stores the water change programs. Motoroperated
valves, temperature and volume flow sensors, overflow monitors and KHS Hygiene Flushing systems can be connected.

The user can choose between three operating modes:

  • Time controlled water change
  • Temperature controlled water change
  • Preset water volumes
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