Multifunctional and multipurpose

The MULTI-TEE can be placed at any point for acquisition and control of the operating conditions in the entire drinking water installation. Suitable for mounting measurement and regulating technology from KEMPER as well as from other manufacturers.

Advantages at a glance

  • Flexible use in the entire drinking water installation for draining, sampling and temperature measurement
  • With Pt 1000 for connecting to the building management system, available with 4-conductors
  • Tap R 1/2 with integrated sensor pocket for mounting the KEMPER dial thermometer (see above) or the temperature sensor
  • Tap R 1/4 for mounting the KEMPER sampling or drain valve
  • Can be universally retrofit with measurement and control technology from other manufacturers
  • Low-pressure-loss housing with full flow
  • High-grade, in proven gunmetal quality, resistant to aggressive water
  • Stagnant-zone-free
With sampling valve and thermometer
With Pt 1000 sensor