KTS-Temperature controlled 3-way changeover valve

Optimised temperature stratification

Figure 955 01, DN32-DN50
Figure 955 01, DN65-DN80

The temperature-controlled 3-way changeover valve is used to optimise the stratification within the ThermoTank. In this way the different return temperatures of the respective operating situations are taken into account (draw-off or circulation case). The temperatures in the bottom part of the ThermoTank are kept low to enable heat source high efficiency to be achieved. Due to the optimised stratification, mixing of the heating medium is reduced to a minimum. This means a constant high temperature level is achieved in the top part of the ThermoTank. This increases the efficiency of the heat source and the ThermoBox and reduces the ThermoTank volume required compared to other buffer tanks.

Supply case:

In the supply case the return cools rapidly and is fed into the bottom area of the ThermoTank.

Circulation mode:

In circulation mode the return has a higher temperature level and is fed into the middle area of the ThermoTank.